New and Improved Epoxy Coating Application

MOGSiL is utilizing a new and improved epoxy coating application for the in-situ internal pipeline coating projects.

The manufacturer has improved the epoxy and given it more than a six hour pot life. This was developed with MOGSiL to give excellent results in the field with the in-situ internal pipeline coating system.

The coating system is a two component high build amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy. This provides an excellent protection barrier to the pipeline wall in severe chemical and high temperature service of pipeline product.

It is developed for use in brine, processed water and more importantly sweet and sour crude products in a pipeline, from the well head and to the processing facility.

MOGSiL has successfully coated three internal pipeline surfaces in the field with this new and improved epoxy product. The average MOGSiL finished coat DFT has been measured at an average of 200 microns (8 mils). This is above the manufacturers 50-100 microns recommended DFT . This is a distinct advantage and capability of internal pipeline in-situ coating services provided by MOGSiL.

This internal pipeline epoxy system with the MOGSiL application process has been successfully delivered in more than 15 km of pipeline length in the field per pipeline.

MOGSiL always offers the best internal in-situ pipeline coating solution with the best product, designed to give the client an internal pipeline surface cleaned and then internally coated with this epoxy system. It gives the client many years of internal pipeline product delivery with NO more internal pipeline corrosion and easier pipeline maintenance.

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